Fatma Korkut (METU Ankara): People, Flags, Bridges – Transformation through Resistance

What characterizes the public sphere in Turkey today is transformation through resistance. Perhaps time is ripe for asking questions rather than implementing well-known solutions. Is replacing one group with another in state bureaucracy a sustainable solution to well-established practices of power abuse? Is development through top-down mega projects coupled with a skin-deep historicist revivalism compatible with the emerging public demand for local transformation through participation? Do we have an alternative to embracing the emergence of a hybrid public as opposed to favouring a core one over another on the brink of a civil war?

Fatma Korkut is assistant professor at Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design in Ankara, Turkey. Her research has ranged over design history, design education for sustainability, idea generation, sustainability scenarios, collaboration models with industry in design education, and design protection. She is an active member and past chair of Industrial Designers Society of Turkey.